Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Lightspeed Integration?

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Lightspeed Integration?

Did you know that TapMango’s integration with Lightspeed is one of the most robust POS-Loyalty integrations on the market? Even if you’re already integrated there’s a chance you haven’t experienced the full breadth of possibilities your integration offers.

Here are just a few of the many ways your TapMango-Lightspeed integration can work for you:


Lightspeed customers are TapMango members.

Any customer created in Lightspeed who has also made a purchase will automatically become a member of your loyalty program.


Customize your program even more with product mapping.

Product mapping through TapMango’s system allows you to:
• Award custom points for specific products
• Use your system as digital punch cards
• Send targeted campaigns based on purchase history


Seamless reward redemption.

Redeem rewards with ease with our seamless integration between the Lightspeed POS system and the TapMango portal. You can award and redeem points through your POS with a click of a button.


Rewards that work exactly the way you want.

Did you know your rewards are completely customizable? A few ways you can customize them are:
• Points by dollar spent
• Reward customers with cashback
• Assign vouchers based on purchase history
• Track and reward customers for purchase streaks (ie. When customer checks in multiple days in a row)
• Customize how points are given out (ex. No points for clearance items)

To implement any of these features or to learn more, contact your dedicated account manager or our support team.

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