Humans of TapMango: Nadine

Humans of TapMango: Nadine

Meet Nadine! One of TapMango’s fabulous Customer Success and Key Accounts Specialists! She loves true crime and trying out new recipes – Find out what she loves about working at TapMango, how she spent her time during the pandemic, and what kind of shows she loves.

What is your position at TapMango? How has it evolved since you started?

I’m a Customer Success Manager and Key Accounts Specialist! I started as an Onboarding Specialist and worked my way up to where I am today.

What are some aspects of your role that you really enjoy?

I really enjoy forming deep connections and actively collaborating with my merchants. When they succeed, I succeed 🙂

Describe your WFH deck situation.

I have a nice wooden desk, usually accompanied by my iced coffee and bits of cat hair. It’s facing a large window which gives me great views but can be blinding on sunny days.

What do you do in your spare time? Learn any new skills during quarantine?

I do love watching documentaries on a variety of subjects, but I am a true crime gal through and through. I’ve been trying to expand my culinary skills, I’m currently challenging myself to try a new recipe a week. I haven’t missed a week yet 🙂

What is something your work colleagues don’t know about you?

I wrote a 100,000-word sci-fi fiction novel at 18 years old for fun. No one has read it and I’m planning to keep it that way haha.

What is one piece of advice you would tell 8-year-old you? (on career pursuit, life, laughter, and love)

Don’t let others define you.

Top 3 binge-worthy shows, book series, or movies? (And Why?)

Hannibal (TV Show) – Amazing series that defines the psychological thriller genre, visually stunning but gory. You’ve been warned. Whose Line is it Anyways? (TV Show) – A long-running show that focuses on Improv Comedy. My comfort series, if I need a laugh, I watch this. Lord of the Rings (Movie Trilogy) – I rewatch this series every time I’m sick. An epic fantasy trilogy that’s done perfectly.

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