Run a nutrition shop?
See what TapMango can do for you.

With TapMango, you can run your own interactive loyalty program specifically designed for nutrition shops. Upsell customers, push new products, run flash sales and watch your products fly off the shelves.

Features you and your
customers will love!

In the world of cutthroat competition, your customer loyalty is the top priority. The easiest and most cost effective way to build that loyalty is through your own Loyalty Program. TapMango provides you with all the tools you need to run a turn-key Loyalty Program on par with large retailers.

Here’s everything TapMango can do for your nutrition store.

Flex Points

Supplements on overstock? Instead of discounting heavily, manage your inventory by doubling their point value and watch them fly off the shelves. You can name your points to reflect your business and create hype- like “nutripoints”, “bulking dollars”, or “supplement stamps”.

Bulk Up on Deals

Run your own flash sales that customers can pre-purchase right from the comfort of their own gyms! YOU control the discount, inventory level, and get the upfront revenue!

Revitalize Your Reviews!

Get health nuts raving about your shop by encouraging your happiest customers to leave you 5 star reviews, giving your online ratings the nice health boost they deserve.

“Supplement” Word of Mouth for Viral and Automated Referrals!

Encourage your customers to share your shop with hundreds of gym buddies at once, and reward them for bringing new customers into your shop!

Give Customers a Boost of Excitement

Raffle off points, samples of new products, or use as an opportunity to upsell your customers, getting them excited to come into your shop every time!

Rave Reviews

Reward customers for advertising your shop to their friends on Facebook! Use this feature as a platform for customers to exchange health tips with friends and hype up your shop!

Find out for yourself: