Coffee Shop

Run a coffee shop?
See what TapMango can do for you.

With TapMango, you can run your own interactive loyalty program specifically designed for coffee shops. Reward your customers with delicious treats while simultaneously pushing overstocked items, group customers for targeted promotions and so much more! In addition, take advantage of TapMango’s mobile ordering feature allowing customers to place orders directly from your business’s mobile app!

Features you and your
customers will love!

In the world of cutthroat competition, your customer loyalty is the top priority. The easiest and most cost effective way to build that loyalty is through your own Loyalty Program. TapMango provides you with all the tools you need to run a turn-key Loyalty Program on par with large retailers.

Here’s everything TapMango can do for your coffee shop.

Engage your customers while they caffeinate!

Get coffee drinkers excited when they enter your cafe with a tablet, keychain tags, and an app- all branded to look like you. With the ability to collect points, and take advantage of exclusive offers, latte lovers will skip over all the other coffee shops in their neighbourhood to go to you.

Get coffee lovers’ keys jangling with your own branded key tags!

Key tags printed with your cafe’s logo reminds customers to get their morning lattes with you every time! These tags double as gift cards customers can give to their fellow coffee lovers. Pre load these tags with a free coffee and leave them at the local library or bookstore, and convert under-caffeinated students into loyal customers!

Get direct and effective feedback through customer surveys

Send out surveys to all your customers; generate more visits to your review pages by directing your happiest customers to post reviews. Let your not so happy customers know that you still love them “a latte” by offering them discounts that bring them back.

Name your points!

Charm your customers and give your points program some personalized flair by calling your points “pastry points” or “decaf dollars”.

Your customers can convert pastries into points, and points into pastries!

Don’t just get rid of those overstocked croissants! Instead, offer them at double the points and see them fly off the pastry case! Control your inventory while exciting your customers; the more dollars they spend, the more points they have to redeem for yummy treats!

Upsell coffee lovers through raffles!

Run a raffle straight from the tablet that will make your customers excited to win a brownie to go with their cappuccino! Exciting prizes will have your customers running to tell their friends all about you!

Friend referrals that are viral and automated!

Coffee patrons receive a link they can share with all of their friends with a click of a button! Then, they can be rewarded with a free latte by bringing new loyal customers into your coffee shop! Fill your customers’ cups while filling up your cafe!

Different customers get different “perks” through grouping!

Group your customers according to their purchase preferences in order to send them targeted promotions and upsell! Enroll your most loyal customers in a gold level group which offers them perks such as a free latte on their birthday, exclusive offers, and more!

See who your most loyal customers are by tracking their check-ins

Whether it’s the gentleman who gets an Americano everyday to go with his morning paper, or the hard-working student who pours over her textbooks while chugging back cups of coffee, reward the customers who come into your cafe the most frequently. Keep track of customer check-ins through detailed reports we generate for you.

Your very own mobile app!

A personalized mobile app lets your customers load money right onto their phone, so you meet their coffee and tea needs every time! Customers can fill their virtual coffee cup with points, and can access a menu that is digitized right onto the app! Push notifications allow your customers to keep track of offers happening in your cafe.

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