03 Oct: Humans of TapMango Podcast: Daniel

Daniel Talas, technical wizard by day, musician by night. This month for Humans of TapMango we decided to spice things up a bit by making our interview, with Co-founder and CTO Daniel Talas, into a podcast. Please take a listen as we learn more about the origin of our company, the industry in which leads and its intrepid leader. 

20 Aug: Humans of TapMango: Alicia

Meet Alicia, a well-travelled dog mom who has been shattering sales records since she started at TapMango. This month we sat down with her and learned about her favourite travels as well as her experience working as both an Account Executive and a Team Lead.

25 Jul: Humans of TapMango: Amandeep

This month we’re featuring a star member of our Customer Success team - Amandeep! He originally started in the role of Client Support Representative and has recently been transitioned to Customer Success Manager, where he helps onboard new clients every day. Read all about Amandeep’s love for sneakers, Stranger Things and tacos in our recent interview with him.

18 Jun: Humans of TapMango: Chris & Joe

This month we sat down with two star members of our sales team – Chris and Joe. This dynamic duo has introduced hundreds of new businesses to TapMango. Read our interview with them and get an inside look at what it’s like to work on TapMango’s sales team.

08 May: Humans of TapMango: Claudia

This week we sat down with our incredibly talented graphic designer Claudia Pettigrew. Despite being fairly new to the team she's quickly found her home here at TapMango and has been creating beautifully branded artwork for our clients. Learn all about this bright and quirky member of our team in our newest edition of Humans of TapMango: