16 Jan: Humans of TapMango: Adam

Meet Adam: the Feature Implementation Specialist at TapMango! From launching tech features to savoring his grandma’s island meatballs, cheering for soccer, and embracing the magic of Ted Lasso, his journey is a blend of passion and endless fun!  ⚽🍝✨ Check out our blog to learn more about Adam!


18 Dec: Humans of TapMango: Jenna

Meet Jenna, the Onboarding Specialist at TapMango, thrives on building merchant relationships and embracing diverse projects. Beyond tech, she crafts candles and lip balm. Her advice to 8-year-old self? Enjoy life! Dreaming of a Red Rocks concert, Jenna balances work and passion, with binge-worthy picks like ‘Haunting of Hill House,’ ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ and ‘Painkiller.


27 Nov: Humans of TapMango: Leah

Meet Leah, our Human Resources Manager! From evolving roles to creating her perfect WFH setup (thanks to a cool office perk!), she thrives on connecting with colleagues daily. Beyond HR, she’s a serial hobbyist with a love for her mom’s chicken curry. Dive into her world of binge-worthy shows, where Community, Back to the Future, and anything by Mike Flanagan top the list!


28 Aug: Humans of TapMango: Juliana

Meet Juliana! She is TapMango’s wonderful Human Resources Coordinator. She is the one who finds all the wonderful humans who work at TapMango! See what she loves about her role, and how it’s evolved since joining the TM team, and take a look at the advice she would tell her younger self if she could!

Christine (1)

16 Jul: Humans of TapMango: Christine

Meet Christine!!! TapMango is full of amazing women, and she is undoubtedly one of them! Christine is one of TapMango’s developers and works hard to ensure the system and features are working as they should! See what she enjoys about her role and her top binge-worthy shows!


01 Jun: Humans of TapMango: Jacqueline

Meet Jacqueline! One of TapMango’s lovely Customer Success Managers. See how her role has evolved since joining the TapMango team, what she enjoys about TapMango, and find out some fun facts about her being an extra in a popular early 2000’s movie!


22 Mar: Humans of TapMango: Nadine

Meet Nadine! One of TapMango’s fabulous Customer Success and Key Accounts Specialists! She loves true crime and trying out new recipes – Find out what she loves about working at TapMango, how she spent her time during the pandemic, and what kind of shows she loves.

Jasmine J

06 Feb: Humans of TapMango: Jasmine

Meet Jasmine J (JJ)! One of TapMango’s amazing customer support representatives! She loves birds, and books! Find out what she loves about working at TapMango, how she spent her time during the pandemic, and what kind of shows she loves.