20 May: Humans of TapMango: Jasmine

Meet Jasmine! As Team Lead and Key Account Specialist, Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with! Stylist, funny and great at her job she is always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience, all the while not forgetting to geek-out over the latest graphic novel. Read more to get to know her!

26 Apr: Humans of TapMango: Eric

This week we interviewed the one and only Eric Ngo! Starting in the Sales Department to now Team Lead and Key Account Specialist Eric has made his mark on TapMango. He is fully versed in the complexity of TapMango's Program and is always there for his colleagues with work and life advice! Read more about Eric’s golf game, life advice, and TV show recommendations!⁠

24 Mar: Humans of TapMango: Salik

This week we interviewed our Development Team Lead Salik Kabir. With real Wizard of Oz vibes, Salik is the guy behind the curtain making sure TapMango's product is always ready to serve! Lets dive behind the curtain and see what makes this wiz tick!

27 Nov: SoftwareSuggest Award 2020: TapMango Wins Best Value Award

SoftwareSuggest Award 2020: TapMango Wins Best Value Award! SoftwareSuggest announced the winners for the SoftwareSuggest Awards 2020 and we’re delighted to announce to be among the winners for “Best Value.” The SoftwareSuggest Awards are a stamp of approval provided by SoftwareSuggest (one of the largest, independent tech review platforms) to technology providers who are exceptional in what they offer.  Being recognized by SoftwareSuggest for “Best Value” just goes to show that TapMango is the leading customer engagement and loyalty platform on the market. We provide small to medium sized businesses all the tools they need to run a turn-key loyalty program on par with large retailers – all for a great…


18 Nov: Winter is Coming: The Top 5 Things a Restaurant Can do to Survive a COVID-19 Winter

Winter is Coming: The Top 5 Things a Restaurant Can do to Survive a COVID-19 Winter Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, day to day interactions with your customers are starting to change– especially with the looming COVID-19 crisis making indoor dining all that much harder.  Many restaurants have quickly started to digitize their service by offering contactless delivery, mobile ordering and curbside pick-up. However, this leaves the question: how will small businesses that don’t have the budget for big agencies and app development survive this coming winter? The good news is that demand for online ordering from restaurants is only going up and…