Pet Stores

Run a pet store?
See what TapMango can do for you.

With TapMango, you can run your own interactive loyalty program specifically designed for pet stores. Reward your customers and their pets for shopping with you, offer pre-order bonuses and so much more.

Features you and your
customers will love!

In the world of cutthroat competition, your customer loyalty is the top priority. The easiest and most cost effective way to build that loyalty is through your own Loyalty Program. TapMango provides you with all the tools you need to run a turn-key Loyalty Program on par with large retailers.

Here’s everything TapMango can do you for your pet store.

Amazing customer engagement

Get pet owners excited with a tablet, key tags, and an app- all branded to look like your business. Animal lovers can collect points, take advantage of exclusive offers, and win goodies for their beloved pets.

Promote your pet business with our branded key tags!

Pre-load your tags with introductory offers and swipe out Fido’s dog tag for a key tag by handing them out at events and gatherings! These tags can double as gift cards your customers can give to fellow pet owners.

Surveys ensure all your customers are happy

Send out surveys to all your customers for direct feedback; ask your happiest customers to refer your business and throw your not-so-happy customers a bone in the form of special offers to bring them back!

Name not only your pets but your points!

Your reward program should be as unique as your business. Call your points “dog treats”, “grooming dollars”, or whatever else speaks to your shop!

Points that have tails wagging

Overstocked dog food? Are those grooming brushes just not moving? Give customers double the points and see them fly off the shelves! With TapMango, you can reward customers for their purchases through points while controlling your inventory!

Bring New Customers out of the dog park and into your shop!

Reward your loyal customers for bringing fellow pet lovers into your business through a shareable link that can make your shop go viral!

Group your customers based on their Pet preferences!

Send targeted promotions to pet owners based on their pet’s needs and specifications! Tapmango allows you to group based on breed, type of pet, or frequency of purchase so your customer’s fur babies receive the special treatment they deserve!

Track Check-ins

Whether your customer has run out of kibble, or just needs a shiny new leash, reward them every time they come in and generate reports showing how often they use you for their pet’s needs.

Your own Mobile App

Whether your customers want to book a grooming appointment, or see which brand of cat food went on sale in your shop, we meet their needs through a fully personalized app we design especially for you! This app doubles as a virtual points card and wallet too!

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