Game Stores

Run a game shop?
See what TapMango can do for you.

Bring your game shop to life with TapMango. Run your own interactive loyalty program designed specifically for game shops. Reward your customers with achievements and trophies for shopping local. Offer early bird bonuses for tournament pre-purchase and a flexible points system to host events & game nights.

Features you and your
customers will love!

In a world of bargain hunting, bring your customers back for good. TapMango is designed to engage your customers and enhance their gaming experience so you can focus on running your business.

Here’s everything TapMango can do for your game shop.

Game Icons

Unique Customer Experience

Engage your customers with a table top tablet, membership cards, mobile app and gamification. Customers can earn rewards by accumulating “XP” or “Gold” with every purchase or by taking actions that benefit your business.

Membership & Promotion Cards

Turn customers into members with a branded loyalty card preloaded with offers that can be redeemed in-store. Give them out at large gatherings or events and get new customers and promote your store in one shot.


How was our last event? Get instant feedback by running surveys, ask your happiest customers to review your business, and bring not-so-happy customers back with special offers.

Organize Your Game Nights

Remind nearby customers of game nights & keep your customers up-to-date with the latest news, events, store hours, etc.

Genre Specific Marketing

Every customer likes different genres and TapMango can learn what your customers play. Run pre-order campaigns and sell more add-ons, TapMango is flexible enough to promote products and events based on customer interest.

Electronic Wallet

Increase loyalty even more by introducing an eWallet. Convert points to in store credit and give cash back for trade-ins to ensure customers check your store before buying online.

Advertise Collectibles

Get your customers to show off their rarest cards on Facebook using our selfie station. Advertise your coolest novelty items to thousands of local customers every month for free.

Track Checkins

Do you run frequent events? Want to track the attendance? Customers can check-in at the tablet and you can generate detailed attendance reports. Want even more certainty? Sell entry tickets while your customers are home or in class.

Raffles & Giveaways

Create buzz & excitement with the hottest giveaways & keep track of what you gave away and to who using our unique raffle system that lets you create the odds and rewards.

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