Quick Serve Restaurant Loyalty Program

13 Aug: Restaurant Loyalty Spotlight – GET GRILL

Chef Bab T is the maverick behind GET GRILL and needed to find a way to keep his customers coming back, without necessarily giving away too much free stuff. Restaurant loyalty is an interesting concept because the focal point is the food and the ambiance. It is imperative for a restaurant loyalty program to contain a hint of flavor that will bring the customer back. For example, GET GRILL is an Afro-Asian style restaurant in Brampton, Ontario serves grilled foods seasoned with loads of flavor. All the sauces, seasonings and condiments used in the restaurant are produced in-house. They even carry their own line of seasonings under the I-Spice brand. To bring…

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16 Jun: What is a Loyalty Program?

What is a Loyalty Program? Loyalty programs are marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior – behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm. Loyalty programs benefit the economy because they encourage spending, therefore increasing the cash-flow, and in-turn raises revenues for businesses while providing consumers with discounts and other incentives. Starting a loyalty program has proven to raise profits. In a report released by the National Restaurant Association, 77% of the responding members said loyalty programs helped drive business to their restaurants. In addition to driving business, 90% of the respondents said loyalty programs create a competitive advantage for their brand. Loyalty programs also provide businesses with…


13 Jun: 7 Father’s Day Marketing Ideas Geared to the Family

Get the grill fired up, get your polos pressed, and prepare your best puns because Father’s Day is just around the corner. From survival kits to dad joke contests, we’ve compiled dad-approved marketing ideas to get the word out and drive traffic to your business. Harness the power of your loyalty program with Father’s Day campaigns that will pop out to pops everywhere. 1. Offer a Dad Kit Courtesy of @cakepopsladulceria on Instagram Good gift ideas for dad are sometimes less obvious than what would work for mom. If your customers are looking for more than a funky tie, bundled products or services are a good way to cover multiple bases….

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12 Jun: How a selfie can bring thousands to your shop

“A picture is worth a thousand words”  – English idiom. Communication is ever-dynamic – from smoke signals that warn of approaching invaders to tweets featuring chicken nuggets, people have found a medium to share their message. In the digital world, where content is constantly created, one must adapt to the trends that create interest. Imagine what your business can accomplish with a simple selfie station. With your TapMango tablet, your customer can snap a photo and advertise your business to everyone they know by posting a photo to their timeline. In the example below, the customer will be awarded 15 points for their post. If they tap share to Facebook, the customer can…

Customer Feedback

31 Aug: Harnessing the Power of Customer Feedback

Acquire and Use Customer Feedback in a Customer Centric Market In today’s age of customer-centricity, the number one factor that retail stores compete for is the loyalty of their customers. With a shift in power moving towards the consumers’ choice, retail stores must adapt to customers, and tailor their services as much as possible. If a business cannot provide its customers with a positive experience, it can lose out to the competitors who do. This article will focus on using customer feedback and growing your business with every happy customer you’ve served. Having the basic knowledge and understanding of how your customers feel about your store and what you have to…