17 Jul: Refer a Business and Get up to $400 per Referral!

  Whether it’s the friendly new business that opened next door or a business you visit frequently, your referrals can earn you up to $400 each when they go live with TapMango. Share your love for the TapMango program and recommend it other businesses through this form. Once you enter their contact info, we’ll take care of the rest. A couple seconds of your time could earn you hundreds of dollars! Ways to Refer a Business: Visit and enter your referral’s contact info Got your hands full? Give us a call at 1.855.208.0020 and we’ll collect the contact info from you over the phone Have more questions or want to…

Customer Referrals for small business

13 Aug: Connect and Collect – Get Customer Refferals

Engaging with customers in the age of referrals     In today’s era of instant, infinite media, society has been flooded with advertisements, and each individual consumer is targeted for his/her business and loyalty. While sending a multitude of messages may be an effective way to reach your audience, it doesn’t guarantee that they will respond positively to them. A recent study shows that consumers are growing weary of online advertising, and as technology continues to advance, are finding new ways to negate the efforts of marketers. For instance, 71% of consumers find personalized and behaviour-based advertisements intrusive or annoying. Therefore, the method of communication you choose to interact with your customers is…