4 Ways to Leverage Existing Customers to Grow Your Business

4 Ways to Leverage Existing Customers to Grow Your Business

Want to grow your business without spending thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising? Here are some great ways to get your existing customers to help you grow your business, at little to no cost to you.


1. Word of Mouth

One of the most popular ways to grow your business is through word of mouth. Although this method is difficult to track and measure, it can still be effective in that it grows brand awareness and brings new customers in the door. Encourage your loyal patrons to tell their friends about your business. Run exciting sales or develop a unique product that will have everyone talking about it.


2. Friend Referral Link

If you have a friend referral system in place, like the one that TapMango offers, utilize it to bring in new customers. Encourage your existing customers to refer their friends by incentivizing both parties with a reward. TapMango’s system is set up so that referrers don’t receive their reward until their friend’s first purchase or visit.


3. Social Media

Another great way to build your customer base is through social media. Encourage your customers to post about your business on their social media channels. Establish a hashtag for your business so you can track posts and allow customers to see what others are saying about your business. Don’t forget to also engage with customers on social media, whether it’s running fun giveaways and contests or commenting on their posts.

With a loyalty program, you can incentivize customers to post on social media. Through TapMango’s “Post to Facebook” feature, customers receive a reward whenever they post about your business to their Facebook page. It’s a win-win. Your customers earn a reward and in exchange your business is directly advertised to your customers’ network of friends.


4. Online Reviews

Last but possibly the most valuable thing a customer can do for your business – leave a positive review. Put up signs around your business to let them know to leave feedback on your Yelp or Google pages. Encourage happy customers to share their experience online and explain the value of a good review.

With a loyalty program like TapMango’s, you can even automate this process. When a customer checks in on the in-store tablet they’ll receive a prompt asking them to rate their experience between 1-5 stars. Customers who give positive ratings (up to you how many stars is considered positive) will be directed to leave a review on the platform of your choice. Negative ratings will be directed to an internal feedback page so you can learn how you can improve, without it affecting your business’s overall rating.

Instead of investing your hard-earned money on billboard ads and flyers, consider investing it in a loyalty program. With TapMango’s program you can easily incentivize customers to buy more, visit more often and more importantly, bring you new customers.

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