TapMango update to customers and partners

TapMango Update to Customers and Partners

Due to the recent news regarding the COVID-19 virus, we recognize that this will be a challenging time for the small business community. During this time, TapMango will be continuing their operations as usual and will be here to assist merchants with any questions or concerns. Our team has prepared a few ways that can help you ensure safety and assist in running your business smoothly during these times:

Turn to TapMango Mobile Wallet Instead of Cash

Many businesses, especially in the food space, are taking steps to reduce or stop cash interactions within their locations. This method proves to be extremely effective in protecting your staff and clients. TapMango Mobile Ordering.

Encourage your customers to use TapMango mobile wallet to preload money and pay in-store or via mobile ordering. This limits the physical interaction in your store to the minimum while providing a great level of convenience to your customers.  And furthermore, it ensures repeat visits from your customers.

Turn to TapMango Mobile Ordering

Create an instant online store on your branded app and offer customers to pre-order items and have them ready for pickup.  This adds great convenience for customers, and also limits their time spent in the store. Order, grab and go.

Create Flash Deals

Create flash deals and build anticipation even when your customers can’t visit your restaurant or shop. While some businesses may offer discounted or free delivery, others can create deals to prepay now and pick it up later.

Promote Gift Cards

Promoting your gift cards is a great way to support your business without the need to visit your store. Create a deal for purchasing your gift card that can be redeemed online or in-store. We’ve seen many messages on social media that encourage customers to support their local businesses which have received positive feedback from their communities.

Tablet-less Registrations

You can still continue to register people to your loyalty program. This can be done both online via an application on your website or simply by letting your customers send a text message to a short code number. This will not only help you in continuing to obtain new customers, but also help keep any physical interactions to a minimum (you don’t even need to use the TapMango tablet!)

Communicate with Your Customers

One of the most important things that businesses can do in the face of uncertainty is active communication. This ensures that all customers are aware of updates regarding your business. Similar to how TapMango is providing an update to you, it may be worth updating your customers about your store working hours, status of operations and what steps are taken to protect your staff and customers.

Tell them, how you are prioritizing health and safety of the community and how they can continue shopping and supporting your business both online and offline. Social media usage is already going up, so make sure you announce those updates using all channels available – offline in your store or restaurant, on your website, via email and text and using your social media channels.  As always, you can use TapMango to send both email and text blasts to your customers.

Again, on behalf of the entire team at TapMango – we would like to extend our support during these times of uncertainty. We will continue to monitor the situation across the world and provide additional information if needed.

For any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us by phone: 1-855-208-0020 or by e-mail: support@tapmango.com

TapMango Team