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The Customer Loyalty Craze In today’s day and age, as a small to medium business owner you must ask yourself (and if you don’t, you should), what can you do to ensure that your customers keep coming back to you and how to attract new ones along the way? Is it possible to inspire that feeling of customer loyalty towards a brand and more importantly, if it is, why isn’t everyone doing it already? For anyone who has ever heard of the Starbucks Rewards program or CVS ExtraCare Rewards, there is a good reason why you have (and if you haven’t, clearly something’s wrong). Larger retailers have already been doing it…

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Changing the Game!   From Crazy Eights to Call-of-Duty, Minecraft to Magic the Gathering, the gaming industry is absolutely massive. Gone are the days that gaming was just a young boy’s hobby, as the industry has grown exponentially, and people from different demographics are coming together to join in on the fun. An industry report, dated April 2016, notes that 73% of gamers are 18 years of age or older, and 41% are female. These numbers show just how far the gaming industry has expanded from its humble beginnings, into a multi-billion dollar empire. Statistics show that in 2015, the global gaming industry generated $91.8 billion dollars, and is projected to grow in the…

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Loyalty 3.0 In the retail world, where the emphasis is placed on customer experience, what merchants can offer to consumers is crucial to success. One of the best ways to improve customer experience is to implement a customer loyalty program. The notion of loyalty programs has been around for a number of years and has become one of the best ways a business can provide a better customer experience. The reasons why businesses should use a customer loyalty program has stayed the same, but over the years, the way they function has evolved. These changes offer a whole new set of opportunities for merchants to engage their customers with, and has…

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving Source: Law Inc In life, there’s no better feeling than receiving a present from someone, even more so when it’s least expected. The surprise of a gift is a gesture that let’s a person know that they are cared for, and it creates a stronger bond between the giver and the receiver. However, this does not have to be limited to an exchange between two individuals, as businesses can take advantage of the power of ‘giving’ to strengthen their relationships with their customers. A business’ gift to their customers could be anything from a free coffee on their birthday, to discounts on their purchases; what is important is that as…

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13 Aug: Connect and Collect – Get Customer Refferals

Engaging with customers in the age of referrals     In today’s era of instant, infinite media, society has been flooded with advertisements, and each individual consumer is targeted for his/her business and loyalty. While sending a multitude of messages may be an effective way to reach your audience, it doesn’t guarantee that they will respond positively to them. A recent study shows that consumers are growing weary of online advertising, and as technology continues to advance, are finding new ways to negate the efforts of marketers. For instance, 71% of consumers find personalized and behaviour-based advertisements intrusive or annoying. Therefore, the method of communication you choose to interact with your customers is…

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13 Aug: Shaping Up With Nutrition Shop Loyalty

USING A CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM TO ENHANCE YOUR NUTRITION SHOP Source: Your Total Body Your mom always said to take your vitamins, and Vitamin Loyalty is the best supplement for your nutrition shop! The nutrition industry has seen a steady increase in business over the last few years, and there have been positive trends towards fitness and personal well being. An industry analysis found that one in five Americans has a gym membership. IbisWorld also noted that consumers are seeking a healthier lifestyle, and are increasingly using products that help meet nutritional needs. These are some of the driving factors to the success of nutrition shops, and because of this interest in fitness,nutrition, and health, many of the associated products have also…

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13 Aug: Pokemon Go: The Retail Evolution

USING THE GAME TO MAKE CUSTOMER LOYALTY SUPER EFFECTIVE Catching Pokemon in London! Source: International Business Times Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that allows users to catch Pokemon based on their real-time location.The game has taken the world by storm, and has evolved into a viral phenomenon, with user-generated content flooding social media daily. Just like when the franchise started twenty years ago, Pokemon has created a global community brought together by the love of the game. It has effectively captured and repurposed the nostalgia of those who grew up playing Pokemon, and simultaneously introduced a new generation to the magic of the franchise….

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13 Aug: Restaurant Loyalty Spotlight – GET GRILL

Chef Bab T is the maverick behind GET GRILL and needed to find a way to keep his customers coming back, without necessarily giving away too much free stuff. Restaurant loyalty is an interesting concept because the focal point is the food and the ambiance. It is imperative for a restaurant loyalty program to contain a hint of flavor that will bring the customer back. For example, GET GRILL is an Afro-Asian style restaurant in Brampton, Ontario serves grilled foods seasoned with loads of flavor. All the sauces, seasonings and condiments used in the restaurant are produced in-house. They even carry their own line of seasonings under the I-Spice brand. To bring…

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16 Jun: What is a Loyalty Program?

What is a Loyalty Program? Loyalty programs are marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior – behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm. Loyalty programs benefit the economy because they encourage spending, therefore increasing the cash-flow, and in-turn raises revenues for businesses while providing consumers with discounts and other incentives. Starting a loyalty program has proven to raise profits. In a report released by the National Restaurant Association, 77% of the responding members said loyalty programs helped drive business to their restaurants. In addition to driving business, 90% of the respondents said loyalty programs create a competitive advantage for their brand. Loyalty programs also provide businesses with…


13 Jun: 7 Father’s Day Marketing Ideas Geared to the Family

Get the grill fired up, get your polos pressed, and prepare your best puns because Father’s Day is just around the corner. From survival kits to dad joke contests, we’ve compiled dad-approved marketing ideas to get the word out and drive traffic to your business. Harness the power of your loyalty program with Father’s Day campaigns that will pop out to pops everywhere. 1. Offer a Dad Kit Courtesy of @cakepopsladulceria on Instagram Good gift ideas for dad are sometimes less obvious than what would work for mom. If your customers are looking for more than a funky tie, bundled products or services are a good way to cover multiple bases….