From Coffee Shops to Airlines, Tapmango’s versatility has no bounds.  Here are some of the industries where Tapmango really shines.


Outshine Starbucks at a fraction of the cost. Your branded mobile app makes it easy for customers to preload money on their account, swipe to collect rewards, and take part in exclusive contests and promos.


Through automatic friend referrals, service upsells, and messages that entice lost customers, we give you more business without the lost time of marketing so you can focus on what really matters – the client.


Bring your customers back after their first exhilarating experience. Run automatic birthday promotions so they bring in groups of friends and have them review you online so more people come across your business than ever before.


We’ll tell your clients when it’s time for an oil change or upsell on new services like detailing. Target clients by car type or purchasing habits to watch your marketing efforts go further than ever before.


Track memberships and class packages to reach out to lost customers. What about new customers? Text referral links so loyal clients can tell their network about you at the click of a button.


With your  own branded mobile app, customers can load money onto their accounts to keep them coming back to you instead of the competition. Make your business stand out with digital punch cards and deals sent when they’re in your area!


Text your customers on their pet’s birthday so they choose you to help their furry friend celebrate. Group customers by pet and have promos sent when they’re nearby so they stop in and purchase.


The little ones can be just like mommy and daddy with their own loyalty tags. Mom can show off the new toy with our post to Facebook feature and buy a gift card for her nephew.


We’ll text your customers “We Miss You” campaigns if they’ve suddenly gone MIA, but we don’t stop there. Send package deals they can purchase through text and upsell new classes.


Make your business the only destination when your customers have money to spend. Send text blasts with promotions and reward loyalty so they come to you for all their fashion needs instead of big box stores.


Group your customer by service so that you know which promotions to target to different customers. Send them automatic referral links so they can spread the word about you with the click of a button.


Automatically send promos to your customers when they’re nearby so they stop in for the newest arrivals. Our Facebook post feature makes it easy for them to spread the word about you to all 500 of their friends.


Lots of our clients are vape & smoke shops, so you could say we’re experts in the industry. Sort frequency / spending habits into levels, send promos to customers when they walk by, and bring back lost customers.


Clear overstock faster than ever when customers purchase through text. Our unique gift cards and flexible points system turn new customers into loyal buyers so you can take the guesswork out of expanding your business.

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