Humans of TapMango


19 Oct: Humans of TapMango: Mohamed

This week we sat down with Mohamed, or Papa Mo as we call him. :) He is always ready to lead a hand to a team member who has questions about projects, tasks or just general IT. He is a resource we can't life without! Read on to learn more about his amazing family, passion for TapMango and love for technology.

01 Oct: Humans of TapMango: Kat

Kat is an institution here at TapMango and we never want to know what life would be like without her. This week we sat down with our sales goddess Kat and basked in not only her beauty but her quick wit, wicked smarts, and her unparalleled passion for sales and people. Read on if you want to learn more about why she returned to TapMango and her questionable stance on Harry Potter. 

30 Aug: Humans of TapMango: Erica

ERICAHHH! This week's Human of TapMango is the ever-lovely, always jacked, strategy master Erica. When Erica isn't hustling for each and every one of her TapMango clients she's out there learning french and lifting weights heavier than your personal best. If you'd like to learn more about how she manages it all, with style and grace, read on! 

23 Jul: Humans of TapMango: Gavin

This week we sat down with Gavin (aka Gary on Slack) Lee, the TapMango legend we all know and love, as he told us about his furry wfh colleagues, about moonlighting as a wicked music producer and his ever growing game collection. Gavin is one of my personal favourites and i bet, if you read on, he will become one of yours too! 
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12 Jul: Humans of TapMango: Rahi

If you don't know Rahi, you best introduce yourself - trust us - it will be worth it! We sat down (virtually) with this sales superstar to pick his brain about life, Animal Crossing and everything in between. So if you want to know more about how to level up to a 5 Star Island, or how to throw t-shirts at Raptors fans you'll have to get to know Rahi - read post for a head start.

14 Jun: Humans of TapMango: Luigi

This week we are featuring the one and only Luigi! This kind and driven Human has been leading the Customer Success Team for years now and has become a pillar of TapMango's success both internally and externally. In between building Game Boys and gaming Luigi is our in-house, one-stop-shop for all things CS so read on if you want to see why we love him so much!

20 May: Humans of TapMango: Jasmine

Meet Jasmine! As Team Lead and Key Account Specialist, Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with! Stylist, funny and great at her job she is always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience, all the while not forgetting to geek-out over the latest graphic novel. Read more to get to know her!

26 Apr: Humans of TapMango: Eric

This week we interviewed the one and only Eric Ngo! Starting in the Sales Department to now Team Lead and Key Account Specialist Eric has made his mark on TapMango. He is fully versed in the complexity of TapMango's Program and is always there for his colleagues with work and life advice! Read more about Eric’s golf game, life advice, and TV show recommendations!⁠

24 Mar: Humans of TapMango: Salik

This week we interviewed our Development Team Lead Salik Kabir. With real Wizard of Oz vibes, Salik is the guy behind the curtain making sure TapMango's product is always ready to serve! Lets dive behind the curtain and see what makes this wiz tick!

22 Jan: Humans of TapMango: Jess

The woman, the myth, the legend. This week we sat down with our sales powerhouse Jess to learn more about her passion not only for TapMango but for comedy, Hamilton and Matzo Ball Soup. Read all about our people-person, problem solving, Master of Conversation in this month's installment of Humans of TapMango.